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May 19, 2006


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oooh. i looove the pj pooterhoots song!


Ghost foreva!


gonna rip him a new asshole.

wait and see, my friend, wait and see.


Ghostface's Fishscale is one of the best (and underrated) albums this year. Check out the rest of his album if ya haven't.

Bangin blog.


thx a lot
its 9 am
just come back from the club
i go to bed now
catch ya later
merci beaucoup


ghost and pharrell, my oh my, you can't go wrong with that. :)


tehee. you had pooterhoots. tehee.

okay, let me get serious for a minute here. that ghostkillah face boy ain't too shabby now. seems nice enough, probably very talented too. i could have sworn he said something about blunts in his little ditty there but i'm probably mistaken. nice boy like that wouldn't do such nasty things.

well, you keep up the bangup job now, you hear. i'm heading to bed now.

there's a brilliant photographer in you.


Talking of Hall & Oates.. you heard The Feeling yet?

Their new single is MOR-tastic. 'Fill My Little World' it's called. And it's damn good.


this time next week we'll be part`ayin' in the fun capital of the world - NYC.

Sadly Daryl Hall wont be. his loss i suppose.


"PJ O'Pootertoots" was a restaurant in a sketch on "The Ben Stiller Show" (ages ago).


It is damn good -- I love The Feeling. Funny H&O made you think of them.


I love the Pooterhoots song! Thanks for posting this.. a great discovery. There was some really great 12 inch version of I cant go for that that was on one of the Eskimo mix cds that I'venever been able to get my hands on


Hey Kev, if you come across that 12inch version, let me know so I can grab it from ya. OR better yet, post it so we can all grab it!



Can someone please explain what this picture is? Some sort of Parka?

tera gold

that that was on one of the Eskimo mix cds that I'venever been able to get my hands on


Excellent post. Thank you.

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