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February 20, 2006



Nice change of pace.


Um, I think you're probably recovering a little bit from last night? Still, I'm impressed that you got up this morning and posted.


Mayor Maer

So are these songs filler for a recovery holiday?



I hardly consider Debussy and Vivaldi "filler" -- having been classically-trained for years, my love for the classics are very deep-seeded. (But I hate Ravel's Bolero, ugh.) Have you heard the last song, the Arvo piece? It's stunning: plaintive, quiet and beautiful. It's quite staggering in its loveliness and simplicity -- a four note progression with a major chord. I've been listening to it for weeks. I'd say this Arvo album is one of the best classical albums I own. Definitely worth buying.

Hope you don't hate the classics too much!



Yea I downloaded and heard the Arvo Part song and it's only flaw is that it doesn't go on longer. I can listen to this all day and night. Incredibly soothing and gorgeous.

Nice call on that one.


Spiegel im Spiegel is breathtaking. That cello is just perfect and without words. Brilliant song. I'm going to buy this album.

henry b.

pretty indeed.

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