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May 05, 2006



i would have been too excited to contain myself but you're showing amazing restraint not posting any new songs. (i wish you would though).

can't wait for the album!


I'd take The Rapture over The Knife any day. Glad you're psyched about the new stuff.


i know this is all i say but....... NICE.


Love that mix

Rui Maia

T. Heads! ;) ehehehe love that wayuh really...

by the way sunny, the package is on the atlantic ocean... monday is there!



looking forward to the new album. any other word on it?


Hey Rui, can't wait for Side Effects! Got the email from our boy Joao, too... woohoo!



If the other early tracks sound anything like W.A.Y.U.H. it'll be a great album.

Hoping for another leak ;)

good night.


heard this rapture song last night and thought of your post. so good.


True story: I heard that great (sexy) Mai Lan song you posted a few days ago at a bistro off 1st ave this afternoon. I asked the waitress where they got the song and she said she'd ask the owner. A few minutes later she came back to tell me that the owner said it's from a singer named polloxniner! I think the waitress obviously got the message wrong but still I found it hilarious. Whenever I think of that song I think of you Sunny.


so good seeing you at the match, sunny. you're such an awwwwwesome girl. totally love you.

i have one thing to say to tricia though: yo tricia, i feel you but you know that no girl over the age of 21 actually wants to date a party boy long-term. bad news. they're fun to be with for a little but then that's it. now you know!


Dropping by to say Great Blog. Fierce game, you are queen of table tennis! Thought you and the coop look really cute together. :p


Looking forward to the new album. I read your blog daily and I look forward to it everyday. I think it's wonderful that you share some of your daily life with us in a very beautiful way. It's very moving and romantic sometimes, very funny other times. Please keep up the great job.


Loving the track where he says (don't know any of the song names) 'too esoteric for a saturday night' and then calls Tiga a whore. That one seriously blows my mind.

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