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May 16, 2006



hey sunny, do we email you our resumes and cover letter? as attachments or pasted into the email?


you can email me resumes & cover letters or you can just email me a couple of paragraphs as to why you want to intern here.



i love camille! completely underappreciated album, le fil. light years more sensuous than nouvelle vague.

great pick!


okay, thanks for the emails/resumes. i'm pretty sure i've got enough so you can stop sending now.

thanks again! xx


Love these songs, haven't heard Little Things before and that Camille song is pretty damn amazing.


I love your shoes!


hey sunny, are you accepting applications for summer internship?


hey wade,

yeah, spring, summer and fall interns. all year round.



Thank you for the Lily Allen song, lovely girl, lovely tune. The Camille I had, but she is amazing!


Really beautiful songs, really. Both songs feel like there's a common thread. Can't get enough of Camille. Wonder why this album never quite broke like it did in the UK, as Nouvelle Vague did so well here.

Thank you Sunny, yet another great selection of tunes!


Hey Scott, sure thing! Really lovely for sure and both Camille and Lily have very distinctive styles but like Ted mentions, there's a strong French inflection to these songs... which is the common thread that I think you're picking up on.

Enjoy! x


what shocks me is that you're a genuinely nice person. go figure.


Sure sure, nice is nice but I just caught a glimpse of you tonight and your hair cut is cute as a picture. Without being too crude you are totally the kind of gal guys would need a kleenex and lotion for. And that's a compliment.


Hold up a minute... you're an A&R person with a blog that illegally (from the labels' POV) music?

Are the labels changing? Or have you hidden this little fact from them? (I pray it's the former.)


no post today from sunshine...



i like your blog hope you like mine.

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