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May 12, 2006



first, you're working with thurston moore? he's my hero.

second, i share your love for phoenix and beirut.

and third, you can rant whenever you feel like it.


When is Thurston's new album coming out?


Love the Al Usher track. Nice way to spend the weekend!

Thanks for the rant!


Bless your cotton sox for more Mr. Usher. The man is a gem and criminally under-recognized.

That London Cokehead dude, however, is a total wanker.


... and were you kidding when you said no one uses ProTools?

Have you been in a professional studio lately? Have you seen Avid's stock price?


I actually work in the studio with one of bands Sunny works with. Yes. Professional studio. I can't say what studio you're working in but around our parts here we don't use a whole lot of ProTools or any Cubase. Mostly Logic.

Just sayin'


let me just say that thurston is a really nice guy. are you working on his solo album? beyond that, i understand that most large-grade pro studios use protools but mostly the shift is to logic. couldn't speak about cubase.

glad you're loving beirut too!


ahh the smell of fallen rain. you're a romantic sunny :)


a nice capper of a post for the weekend!


Isn't Thurston like 6'7'' or something?


I think we can agree that Logic is widely used as is ProTools (though I admit to a lesser degree). But who uses Cubase? Certainly not Mr Usher who keeps churning out the gems like a mofo. That's a real wildcard of a track you got there.


Hey so you dating anyone?

London cokehead

Thanks for the link..

London cokehead

Oh and Jess.. ~Fuck you!!

Le Hague

ewww, macintoshes. and i heard some germans use cubase. damn nihilists.

London cokehead

"ewww, macintoshes. and i heard some germans use cubase. damn nihilists."

And err, don't write shit in my name???

London cokehead

Actually, mis read... doh!!


come now. only retarded nazis use cubase.

and i think it was tom, not jess, who was trashin' you London Cokehead. but i actually really like reading yer blog -- you've got a nice, laid-back way of telling it. don't let shit-starters bog you down.

London cokehead



yo, it's 2006......r u still using a Windows PC? that's cool if you're doing non-music and non-art/graphic projects but if u want to get the creative shit rolling, u NEED a mac.


but i agree with you about that cubase shit, bro.

Le Hague

haha apple=creative freight train rolls on. next we can argue digital v. analog.


unless you've been existing under a media-proof rock for the last five years, you're fully aware that mac = creative. no harm done, man, i'm sure your excel spreadsheet looks great on your windows pc but the music/art should be left to the mac users.


the problem today is that too many people think that having cubase or protools, a few instruments, a nappy rehearsal space (probably in the music building), and a handful of songs is all they need to be a band. worse yet, they think they're in a band that's going places. that's a fuckin load of shit if i ever knew it.

i work at one of the major studios in nyc and i know and watch these bands that actually work hard in creating music, and making it what they want in life. if you're fuckin serious about making music, you gotta be creative yes but also keep up to date with technology.

don't throw me any fruity loops and shit. don't wanna hear any mumbo-jumbo about kindergarten-style cubase. as for my computer of choice, i use a mac coz it's what i know. i wouldn't change that though.

i vote for less bands, more talent. however, currently, it's the other way around.

fuck that shit.


I second that vote!

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