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June 15, 2006



She lives!


bizee bizee gal --

what could be important enough to miss radiohead?!

Prom Date

Love Cassandra Wilson and everything she does. Excellent track, really choice.


when do you sleep????


Have you not gone electric yet?

I was doubtful at first... but trust me. You'll never look back.

I'd forgotten about 'umi says'. What a great song. And i'd not heard the Zero 7 version before so that's a bonus!!


you're one fast-living gal but so very glad yo'ure back. cassandra wilson track is really great as that mos def/zero 7 track is too.

nice work sunny. please keep blogging away!

Mr. Bob

you have a damn nice life there.


Love your work. Any chance of some more Mai Lan please? That "Arret" song has grown on me so much, and unfortunately I was too late to get hold of the other one you posted. I have found it pretty hard to track down any info on them, except that they are French, non?


i have a crush on luke from the rapture. <3
sonic youth show was terrific! i was there too.

great choice with Umi Says!


i'd still take your job over mine any day!

happy cape

aren't you working with U2 too? i thought you also handled the band from its UK overflow?


where are you lady? please post!

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