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July 17, 2006



Your history, as far as I'm concerned, is right. Regardless, those two tracks, especially the Levan mix, are completely wonderful! Love the gospel choir!

Thanks Sunny :)


CHILLAX = my new favorite word!


'Bout right with your history -- nice tunz for real!!


i'm feelin that Levan track


post up the video please!

that terje track sounds much more 80s disco/house than his other stuff. well done in the terje/levan alignment!


hey girl! this "Stand on the world" really got me! i've been searching for some new sound to move my body positively for a while, and u've done it!!! - i know that this is more like "Hair" but could u pls write more 'bout Jouber singers, or Levan or who ever made this song so... mmmmm... :)- i couldn't google anything else- or if u could put more of them


quite the rare and beautiful gems!

thank YOU!


Todd Turdje more like. Yuck.


Please to put back up "Will Saul Ft. Ursula Rucker - "Where Is It (Evil Nine Remix)"

Oh please, please, please (and thanks).


Oh come on. I like the Terje track.

I guess you can't win 'em all...



For what it's worth, I love the Terje track. He can do no wrong in my eyes.


Nice to see "stand on the word," getting love in the world. I deeyay a night in ca, and we end up playing it everytime we get so drunk its necessary to make people get gospel (which is rougly everytime) and then chaos and praising the ceiling ensues...

thx for blogging the good stuff all the time.



Hey Sunny, I know that other bloggers have already brought it to your attention but here are is the link to the gi-normous a**hole trying to talk trash about you and record companies. The fuckin balls. If I had them at my disposal, I'd knock some sense into them for you. Take a look:


Unleash hell.



Irresponsible bloggers (like Tigerstripe) make the rest of the good bloggers look bad. The while point of a good blog is to support artists and share knowledge of music or am I just totally off base......

When Tigerstripe's Stacy Lucier refuses to play within accepted protocol, she's basically giving the rest of the vast bloggers the big 'fuck you' 'cause apparently the same rules don't apply to her.

It's call hate and haters have no place in the blogosophere. She needs to get a grip.

The Dude

Her email address is [email protected], just in case you wanted it right at your fingertips, babe ;)


The Dude

And I'd bet Stacy's left nut that her friend Caleb there is a blogger who goes by the unfortunate name of American Athlete. Check it:


The Dude

And it's not Tigerstripe, it's Mytigerstripe. Check it:


Always happy to lend a helping hand.

American Athlete

"The Dude" can fuck off. "Clarissa" is a human peice of shit that things blogging results in her being cool, sorry, some goals are never reached. Sunny is a hypiocrate. And I hate to say it but more people are with us than against us, so your thoughts ideas and songs can be shoved up all of your asses. All of you can fuck off.

Your favorite blogger,


Stacy Lucier

Yes, email me and tell me exactly what you think. I'm waiting. No help necessary Clarissa - the email address, it was available from the start.

Obviously some of you don't get the time to look at blogs and see that I am not the only one posting songs for people to download. I am not saying "fuck you" to anyone. If I make the choice to post songs for download it is my decision, just like it is yours, the dudes, and clarissa (whoever the hell you are) to get pissed of about the whole thing.

I am going to keep posting music for people to download. If one of my songs happens to fall in your jurisdiction, then you have the right to do what you need to do about it, "legal team" and all.

If people chose to not read my blog because they fill that I am saying "i am better than everyone else" that is there choice.

Don't waste my times by sending me emails. This is stupid. The one rapture song you made unavailable to download. Thats all you have to complain about...so keep on complaining and I'm going to keep on blogging.


The problem with ragged cunts like you Stacy is you don't know your own damn boundaries. Who the fuck cares if Sunny's coming to you as a blogger or as a record company rep: that Rapture tracks falls under jurisdiction and if she's asked you to disable the track, it should be as simple as that.

The second problem is that you don't care about artists: you make songs downloadable at their expense if the artist or their reps ask you to take them down, and you don't or you start distributing them like some drug dealer.....

.....I see you went ahead and performed that little fuckin' suave move (that bit of "rebellion" so you could make your shit little blog seem to matter) of telling people that if they emailed in, you would send them the mp3? You're a colossal diseased cunt if there ever was one.

And who in the fuckin world with any sense of etiquette posts someone else's office email addy in their blog post??? That's so far out of line, and you knew it.

Don't play fuckin innocent here, and your shitty attitude reeks of pathetic desperation. You keep blogging bitch and we'll see how long that blog of your lasts.....not that anyone really reads your verbal diahrrea anyway.

You made the wrong choice of posting here. And to Athlete's Foot or American Foot -- whatever the fuck your blog is -- if you don't allow EVERYONE to post comments on your blog then you shouldn't bother posting on others.

Who are your other bloggers that are on your side, AAA? Really? If it's the general consensus then these bloggers would be joining in on your two-person rally here but as far as I see.....it's just the two of you asswipes.

Sunny's had to take down tracks before as a blogger, I know, and she's rather gracious about it all. She tries to do things the right way, unlike the two of you looooosers. You're barking up the wrong tree here.

Go back to where you came from, you fuckin freaks of nature. See ya!


I find it funny that before today, both those two weird bloggers linked to PolloxNiner on their blog roll. So again, who's the HYPOCRITE?

(remind me to get the both of you a dictionary later)

Also, one more thing: AA's blog SUCKS COCK. Plus I think it's convenient that he doesn't give out his name and email address. Stacy Lucier needs to get a firm grasp on reality. There IS indeed world outside of the internet, dearie, and you should go there. Gooo there.


Man, Stacy. Look whacha started. You got people hating on your and your weird sidekick Athlete's Foot there.

Thus whole hub-bub is stupid and haters will always be pathetic. It's not a battle you'll want to fight, eh Caleb??


Holy shit!


Do you know that Stacy Lucier is one of your myspace friends???!! She asked you to be added on as your myspace friend? Was it before or after this fiasco?

This shit gets better by the fucking minute.

And Athlete's Foot has a myspace too.


Wow, you really told them Caleb or American Athlete or whatever the hell you're call. Zing!

The Dude

I like the word chillax. Seems to come in handy at this point, huh?

Hey Sunny, I got a new Alan Braxe track you're gonna lurve. Hit me back!

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