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August 29, 2006



yayayayay! you're back! the olivier koletski mix is fantastico, but i'm finding the reggae rock mix a bit flat.

and why is everyone loving on soulwax nite versions now? everyone's all over it. agreed it's pretty amazing but all at once. makes me think that there's a machine here at work.

: )


Wish I rocked a vanity cane like that!

Mercy! Loving on those Cassius remixes!

Thank you!


when do you sleep woman?? :P

it The Devil the next single off the rapture album? haven't heard anything about the next release. but those cassius remixes are just sweeet.

i'll be watching the MTV awards from home -- hope some beserek shit happens! have fun lady!


which afterparty(s) are you going to tonight? i'm hoping to get into the rapture afterparty -- also heard that gnarls barkley and diplo are going to be there too!

how can i get in?


im not down with the reaggae remix, but the other one is so cool, my favorite stay the mr oizo mix. You cant imagine all the new stuff i got for you soon, im totally busy this time but youll have your september mix, c'est une promesse Sunny.


i agree -- not a fan of the reggae mix but the other one is fantastico!

a new pharrell/sunny mix?? something for the autumn? that's the best news i've heard all day!

poo juice

if only that cunt from the Rapture could sing. brilliant music. brilliantly produced. but he makes me want to put my head through a fucking window.


i'm still living in hope for some new gangbuster tunes.... it's nearly a month now!! ,-)

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