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October 23, 2007



yes yes yes, you're back.

i just bought piece work and couldn't agree with you more. ewan pearson's body of work is the stuff of legends.

please keep blogging - thanks.


hey there, great to see you are blogging again! v cool.

also want to ask if you are still working with the mars volta. i heard they have a new album coming soon and i'm a big fan.


Strange coincident that I should pop in here today. Is that a Joseph Kosuth? Good day for music this. I found the fantastic Ben Trucker's Back To 95 Mix of the Rapture's The Sound at Fluxblog (please don't make him take it down), and the new Poni Hoax at HPsex. And just like that you're back too!


Bangin'!! Great stuff!!


Many thanks for Ewan's Perspex Sex remix! Lots of different mixes of the song but this one by far tops it, just fantastic.

Have just bought the double disc myself after reading about it here. Looking forward to more recommendations.



yeah thats great!
i saw that at the "biennale" in venice.




this was the first music blog i ever followed on a regular basis! it's sad to see that it has moved on to greener pastures..

you introduced me to Phoenix and to so many other great artists, and for that i will always be thankful!!

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